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A clean hospital begins with clean hands

A Serious Problem


One out of every 20 patients will contract an infection during their hospital admission. These infections can be serious and even life-threatening. Costing in excess of 10 billion dollars annually, up to half of these infections are preventable.

Although handwashing has proven to be the simplest and most effective way to combat this problem, compliance rarely exceeds 40 percent! The most commonly cited reason for non-compliance?
I Forgot.

More than Education


Verified Clean is not just another educational program. Verified Clean continuously monitors handwashing and, unlike other systems, intervenes when necessary. 

If the caregiver forgets to wash or sanitize their hands after patient contact, the caregiver is gently reminded to immediately do so. In the event of further distraction, Verified Clean provides a continuous reminder with a more aggressive warning, upon initiation of a new patient contact, to wash or sanitize before proceeding.

Monitoring Compliance


Things which are measured tend to improve. Graphic depictions of compliance are easily generated for analysis. Reports can be customized by department, shift and nurse. Conscientious nurses can be identified and rewarded for their efforts providing role models for those who are less diligent.

Verified Clean measurably improves hand hygiene without the need for secret monitors and/or handwashing audits. Providing a solution for this long familiar problem, Verified Clean allows the administration to focus on issues of true complexity.