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Optimizing the quality of delivered care while maintaining profitability can be challenging for any hospital. At Hospital Integration we understand that reimbursement for inpatient procedures is not unlimited. Patient Voice and Verified Clean have been designed to have a positive impact on your facility in every way – including the bottom line. In combination, Patient Voice and Verified Clean can increase revenue and decrease real expenditures.

reimbursementIncrease Reimbursement

Improving communication between your patients and the nursing staff increases patient satisfaction. This increase in satisfaction translates into increased reimbursement for your facility. Patient Voice provides powerful tools to allow the administration to monitor satisfaction in real time

decreased expendituresLower Costs to Increase Profit

The costs associated with Hospital Acquired Infections are great. Proper hand hygiene has proven to be the most important, and least expensive means of reducing the prevalence of HAIs, and the spread of antimicrobial resistance. Remarkably, simple forgetfulness is often cited as the most common reason for failing to wash. Verified Clean gently reminds the nursing  staff  to wash or sanitize their hands after each patient contact. Ensuring compliance reduces infections and associated expenses. 

revenue streamNew Revenue Streams

Your hospital contains a captive audience in need of services including Home Health Care, Rehabilitation or Skilled Nursing, Durable Medical Equipment,  and Transportation. A library of local providers can be made available to your patients through the Patient Voice platform.  The ability to discover and research from the bedside benefits both the patient and the providers yielding the best possible matches. Your case managers will thank you.

At Hospital Integration, we are looking out for your patients and your facility.  After weighing the benefits with the costs, we believe that Patient Voice and Verified Clean will have a positive impact on your bottom line!


Whether you are a nurse, an administrator, or a patient, we would like to hear from you. If you’re interested in seeing how Patient Voice works, want to schedule a presentation, or just have a few questions, feel free to start a conversation.